Shark Valley Tram Tours
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Shark Valley Tram Tours
Two Hour Tours Into The
Heart Of The Everglades

Operating tours year-round.

Shark Valley Tram Tours offers two hour, naturalist led tours through the northern region of Everglades National Park.  Visitors on board the open air tour are introduced to the "River of Grass" and the wildlife inhabiting it.  At the midway point of the trip, explorers have the opportunity to stroll up the spiral rampway and platform of the Shark Valley observation tower, allowing a panoramic view of the heart of the Everglades.
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Bicycling the Loop

Bicycling the 15 mile loop is an excellent way to view the area at your own pace.  A great alternative for those who prefer to explore "on their own."  The small elevation changes in South Florida make this an ideal place to bike.

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Wildlife In Its Natural Habitat
The Shark Valley area is home to a diverse number of animals and plants.  The various species change with the seasons and water levels throughout the year.  As a result, every journey through the Everglades offers a different experience for visitors.

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