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Shark Valley Tram Tours is an authorized concessioner for the National Park Service. We operate the National Park Tours within the Shark Valley Entrance of Everglades National Park. This is the entrance closest to the city of Miami.

Educational Everglades Tours

On our educational tours, you will see the residents of the Everglades in their natural surroundings. Here, animals roam freely, and the environment is protected. Our expert Park-trained naturalists share their experience to help you spot all of the unique and subtle treasures of the Everglades.

Why is it called Shark Valley?

Gator enjoying a swim - spotted during our Shark Valley Tram Tours

Gator enjoying a swim

You might be wondering about the name Shark Valley…Well, although sharks are one form of wildlife that you won’t see in the shallow waters of the Everglades within Shark Valley, they’re not terribly far away. Also, two of the estuaries supplied by The Everglades River are the Shark River and Little Shark River whose brackish waters provide wonderful feeding and nursing habitats for several species of sharks. Including, bull sharks which are the top of the food chain, as well as black-tip sharks and lemon sharks.

You won’t see any mountains framing the Shark Valley, so why is it called a valley? The reason is because we are technically in a valley, as the coastal ridges of South Florida are higher than the interior of this part of the state. This creates a valley in comparison.  In addition, the western coastal ridge is about 14-17 feet above sea level. Also, the Atlantic ridge is 15-20 feet above sea level, and the Shark Valley Visitor Center area is about 7 feet above sea level. As a result, this puts us in the valley between the two ridges, which is why we’re called Shark Valley.

Shark Valley Tram Tours

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