About Our Everglades

View our Everglades photos from the every day beautiful and fascinating sights that are constantly changing. Each journey is a snapshot in time, and each snapshot is different. The time of day, year, weather, and water conditions are all ingredients for the snapshot you see. Here’s a collection of images from Shark Valley that visitors may not see if they’re here only once. Part of the Everglade’s beauty is the many animals that live here. Always be respectful towards these animals, and keep a safe distance. View our Everglades photos, but know they were taken with great care.

Some of the local animals you may see are the Barred Owl, the Cottonmouth Snake, and a wide variety of winged friends at the watering hole. Of course, no trip is complete without catching a glimpse of a gator! When you view our Everglades photos, you can see a small fraction of what to expect when visiting.

Some things you can do to prepare are to bring binoculars, good sunglasses with UV protection, and a checklist of possible animals you can keep a keen eye out for. While there are no guarantees that you will see any of these interesting animals, it is more common than not that you will see at least a few. Nowadays, the cameras on our phones can capture quite amazing photos. This is great because they are easy to access, and carry for quick sightings. If you are a more professional photographer, then you will want to have your camera ready to go for those quick moving creatures.

Out tour guides know the best spots to experience the Everglades and all of the wonderful crawling, swimming, and flying friends that inhabit them. Choose a bike, tram or boat tour for your adventure when you choose Shark Valley Tours.