Alligators and Other Residents of The Everglades

Alligators-  crossing a road in front of a Shark Valley Tram tour

Why Did The Gator Cross the Road?

Alligators are the largest creatures living in the Everglades. Males can reach 14 feet in length and they can weigh a thousand pounds. You might notice that their appearance says, “Stay away,” and that’s certainly the best advice.

Alligators The Local Residents

Alligators are a common sight in the everglades. These large reptiles play an important role in the ecosystem, helping to keep populations of fish and other animals in check. These fascinating creatures also help to maintain the wetland habitats that are so critical to the everglades. However, alligators can also be dangerous animals, and attacks on humans are not uncommon. As a result, it is important for visitors to the everglades to be aware of alligator safety precautions. When swimming or wading in alligator-inhabited waters, it is important to stay close to shore and to avoid moving too quickly. If an alligator does approach, it is important to remain calm and to back away slowly. By taking some simple precautions, visitors to the everglades can enjoy all that this unique ecosystem has to offer while staying safe from alligators.

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