Coronavirus Closure Update

Tram services back in modified operations

Shark Valley Tram Tours are back with limited capacity and a modified number of tours during the week.  Tours are currently operating every day, a minimum of four times daily Monday through Friday, and additional tours on the weekend.  All local jurisdiction regulations will be observed, and compliance will allow us to keep serving visitors, while helping to protect guests and staff. Social distancing, disinfecting surfaces, and mask wearing are all in place. Local information regarding mask orders may be found through this link:

Due to limited capacities as a result of social distancing, booking tram tours through our website is STRONGLY recommended.

Bicycle rental will continue since social distancing is more easily promoted while on bikes. Bicycles may be booked through our website, with our daily opening time remaining at 8:30 AM and returns by 5:00 PM.

Our team will continue to re-evaluate the situation, making modifications where needed. Updates will be posted here as needed.

Stay safe!

We apologize for any inconvenience, but all modification actions are taken in everyone’s best health and safety interest.
Thank you,
Shark Valley Tram Tours