Torbjörn    1/9/17   Very educational and well worth the money! On this ride you will see how amazingly large the everglades is. Beware of the alligators though,, you might step on one when you go to the tower where the tram stops  “

Diana   3/22/17    “Very interesting tour. Only tram tour through a part of the Everglades. Well worth the trip. You really get to see and learn about the true Everglades.”

Misty   3/20/17   “It was amazing to see all the wildlife! We purchased tickets for the tram tour and our guide was awesome. He was very informative as well as funny. A great time was had certain.”

Catherine  3/19/17  “Amazing! Worth every cent. Wish were able to spend more time at the TOWER but will do on our next trip. Don’t forget your sun block lotion, water to hydrate, hat, comfortable shoes and a snack if you get hungry (there is no food out there but a vending machine). Thank you so very much to the couple that were our tour guides–his name was Eugene and I forgot her name but they were fantastic–THANK YOU!!!!”

Jessica  3/19/17  “I bring my class every year down to the Everglades, and the highlight of our trip is the tram tour. Your tour guides are so kind and knowledgeable!”


Sherry     1/10/17  “One of the best experiences I’ve had. So informative and interesting. Learned so much about the ecosystem of the Everglades, the past and present threats, and enjoyed seeing hundreds of birds and many alligators, both distant and close up. I highly recommend this tour!”

Amanda  3/15/17  “Brilliant, well worth the money. Saw loads of different things. Excellent guide on the tram . Beyond me expectations. Went with family who have been before and they say it’s the most they have seen.

Dominic   2/15/17  “Experienced the tram. Your guides are friendly and well informed. Thank you!”

Rebecca  2/21/17  “We enjoyed this place very much. There were many different kinds of birds and lots of alligators, including baby gators.”

Annette  11/16   “What a great experience ! I learned so much the kids loved it and so did we. Will be looking forward to going back.”